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I actually disagree, playing the new Osa on beta feels like it gives me a TON of variety. I don't feel like I'm spamming summons, yet at the same time I have a lot of options and can cast a lot of different things based on the situation.

Also, there will always be a "meta" playstyle. This is true for pretty much any game. Patterns in playstyle are what make things balanced and allow people to actually master it. Look at any games characters and there will be a pattern with the playstyle.
1017 69189
Love the Osamodas changes. I really like that I have more control over my summons and have more variety now. It makes me feel like I'm using a real summoner! Having to actually use my spells on enemies is also very nice. I REALLY like the Beastly Balance spell, that was an awesome touch (it makes my combos even more flexible). Keep it up Ankama. I'm going to keep playing the Osa on the beta!

Another thing I'm loving is that I have access to my summon/ally buffs a lot sooner <3