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By zozzo - 2018-03-26 23:50:42 in Enutrof
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Third time I'm trying to write this post. Website not working so well.

I am back after a pause, and I play only enutrof.
I see that many things have changed, and the 'brand' spells of the class have been nerfed.

Also, I don't see increased tank-damage capabilities... am I missing something out?

Does anybody have suggestions on how to play this character? Can it still be used competitively in pvp?
Any build suggestions?
Is the AP rape-agility class working decently?

By zozzo - 2017-09-25 16:36:20 in General Discussion
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I'd like to ask why we incur in a penalty if we abandon a kolosseum fight after we die (without osa in the team).

Sometimes there simply are no chances of winning, and a super tank feca keeps surviving on and on... more than 10 minutes today.

I believe it's just a waste of time, and punishing those who abandon sounds to me just a way to make the grinding harder for no reason.

anyone else agree on this?
By zozzo - 2017-09-01 10:54:40 in Suggestion Box
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Dear Dofus players,

after years of Ankama trying to make the game work fairly, with each class equally good, it ends up like this:
-Kolo teams are set up following mysterious rules.
-Cras are the dominating class, as most maps are way to big to reach to them (especially because it is easy for them to deal 1500-2000 damage a turn)
-the whole game is about having good %res and high damage

I'm not asking a nerf of a class, as you probably balanced them well, but PLEASE make more small maps for kolo.