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By zodiarc - 2010-06-05 23:38:17 in Off Topic Discussion
2 819
So this will be fun because you'll eb using your imagination.
After you post your weapon you can also edit it (remember to put "EDIT" if you do)
also you can post another weapon that you made.
it can be any weapon i'll gave some example of weapons so you might get a idea.
Sword,Axe,Bow,Dagger,Staff,Bladed Gauntled,Katana,Buster sword,Hammer,Spear(guns are alowed to)

Now there are more weapons but those are up to you.
you create your weapon and put a efect on it.
also you can Name your weapon.

By zodiarc - 2010-06-05 21:13:54 in Suggestion Box
15 3075
nw that we can Finaly acces Sakai island, whatdo you tihnk of it, and about the monsters.
also i have seen Paper reports on the ground.
it seems like some one was there before and started studying the mines and well other tings happend in his reports.
iwill leave the rest for you guys to read and discover for your selves