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"Update 1.58: Strategy Scapes"
By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - 2021-05-03 15:30:00 in News
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..... And all the Int Eni's are gonna be Agi Eni's now.
Nothing is really different except complicating things with marks. Also isn't it just a rip-off of the CRA revamp?!?!?.

Hopefully Chance Eni survives this!
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1. Put ripples at lvl 150 with at least 1/4 caster vit and atk stats.

2. Option 2 at lvl 170. Though this can cause some classes to be less specialized and lose their niche in terms of class usage. A set summon out of the 3 based on which class character is to support better solo play or boost team play situations could still work. Eg. Healer for Iop. Attacker for foggernaut. Etc.

3. An Uber class skill at lvl 200. No explanation needed. It's what we all want!!!!!