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By zealot827 - 2013-10-17 17:58:36 in Iop
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Good day fellow dofusians,

I am currently lvl 171 iop ^^

i have leveled as an int iop, however I have considered hybredizing ...

not sure if int / agi or int / str or just stay pure int?

SOI and wrath seem tempting, however the dodge / crit seem nice also ...

I wanted to ask other players for PVM, what suggestions they have ....

I currently have full soft oak,

thinking of getting tengu at 175 / 177, saw on a few post to combine with obsedemon amy / ring,

I was going to reset my stats as...
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Good day fellow dofus players,

I apologize this is a long post, but I was hoping to cover all aspects of magin on one go, if anyone suggest to split it into smaller ones I will ....

but i think they go well togeather

I have successfully gotten jewler magus up to 100 ^^ (my first 100 mage ... yay for me)

while leveling i experienced a few bumps that I want to avoid / understand for my other maging skills i may want to lvl,

For one, I noticed the more I maged an item, total stats decreased,