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Szeth-Son-Son-Vallano Sadida Lvl 127 Elbor
Feriwood Eniripsa Lvl 60 Elbor
Adolin Kholin Cra Lvl 23 Elbor
Dalinar Kholin Iop Lvl 21 Elbor
Taravan Foggernaut Lvl 10 Remington

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Thanks for those tips, mate!

4. What are the pros and cons you see on this build againts CC Low QB and Distance High QB builds? I'm asking about a PVE perspective (all my questions are focus to that area).

I'm leveling a Hupper and I'm adapting your lifesteal build on the way. I'm usally at meele stance, so with that question I'm checking what I'm missing without getting through a more meele oriented build (I know, for example, that I don't have acces for those fancy -WP pieces and your build doesn't...
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What's your gameplay? Any tip for runes rotation for maximizing New Breath uses with Light Spells? How are you? 
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That happened to me; that's why I had to check the linked post. The solution in the last comment worked for me.