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So after the maintenance yesterday I did this quest and you used to get 40kk. I did it on two different accounts and no longer get any kamas was this intentional?
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Is it possible to find how long you have been subscribed to the game. My wife and I have played for about the same amount of time, she might have a month on me even. We got our 10 year gifts and all she got was a flash cloak. I on the other hand got four cat pieces, a mount item, 2 flashy items and emote thing. My alt that we have only payed about 6 months worth got cat stuff and emote. If this is a mess up hopefully it's caught and taken care of because at this time she doesn't want to play...
By zanaba - 2014-08-26 05:09:22 in Professions
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Why is it that alchemy, farmer, and fishing, all can drop from harvest or from the devourer special items, but mining and lumberjack cant.

Second question is why is it only the harvesting professions and handyman seem to have quests you can do to get experience scrolls but not the rest (unless I'm just missing them and I could be).