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Okays, i think its a great idea of how ankashield should work, it just doesnt always work..
My password has got changed during the late summers trouble, so ankashield got added to my account. I immedeatly unblocked my laptop, and there has been no problems for all the weeks its been there. But now today when i was about to check ogrines, it says i cant buy ogrines because i am in restricted mode. But if i really am in restricted mode, why can i then drop stuff and give things away, and i dont get...
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Aight, im not sre this is the right place to post this, but i couldnt find anywhere really saying it.

When I, on the test server, try to take items in higher amounts than one(in this case runes) out of my merchant, only one rune gets transfered to my bag. I guess this is a kinda major problem, but im sure it'll get fixed, seeing this wasnt part of the updates, just a fail while setting up the server i guess.