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Blood of the Fold
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Most kolo’s are taking around 5-20 mints usually ending around 10~ mints
I think that’s a reasonable time frame
The problem starts when both teams got a *healer* , it’s a long map and no team wants to leave their defensive advantage, in this kind of kolos I’ve spent around 30-75 mints for a single kolo multiple times which is a pain even if you won but much worse if you lost(seen both ends unfortunately)
My suggestion is that if the base erosion was higher the fight won’t stretch as long...
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I got the quest “kill Ratter” but you can’t actually find him, not in bonta sewers or bonta rat dungeon, not in amakna rat dungeon, and also not in brakmer
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Since the new update it’s not possible to copy text.
It’s a major problem when you are playing at Grandpan and everyone are speaking Spanish and the only option to communicate is google translate.
I tested it both on Android and IOS
I also asked people from my guild who were using android and they couldn’t copy text as well
It pretty much ends the option to communicate with people who doesn’t know English