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Hi guys. I usually only do crafting and maging for kamas, but recently I decided to give harvesting a try while waiting in queue for kolo. 

I am level 140 lumberjack and have been harvesting bamboo wood in pandala. I managed to gather 20~25.000K worth of bamboo (~520) in ~30 minutes. Am I doing something wrong? That certainly is not worth the time, especially taking into account that I am level 140 lumberjack, I did get most of those lumberjack levels by buying wood and crafting it into shubstrates,...
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I'm aware that this won't happen anytime soon, but for the time being, I'd like to dream of a time when a mono account server would launch on retro. 

I started as a mono account player, and now I play on 2 accounts, but it's still quite difficult to keep up. Almost impossible to find players for dungeons, xp or drop hunts on Algathe, which is where I play. 

Everyone's doing the same thing, 8 accounts, 2~4 cras and the rest enutrofs. Spam black rat dungeon, blop dungeon, sometimes canidae dungeon....