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Before 2.52 was released in July, the optimal (though slow, and with a few exceptions) approach to progression in the infinite dreams was purchasing insurance and repeatedly forfeiting to the most overall-rewarding fight until doable challenges with high bonus rates were rolled.

Obviously, that wasn’t a fun system. It forced players to choose between optimizing their reward (that would in turn enable them to beat the more difficult floors) at the cost of spending most of their time boringly, repetitively...
By yloocyloow - 2016-12-10 14:37:09 in General Discussion
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Update: Seems to have to finally spawned now.

I'm fairly certain Kwismas Minotoball hasn't spawned at all this year on Shika.

I've checked out every map in Icefields and Amakna Village several times, 8 hours apart between each time. And I haven't encountered it all.

Shika isn't a particularly active server, and virtually all active high level players are members of one of two alliances, and not a single player in either one of these alliances has encountered it yet.

Could I be missing something...