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Make 4 cra accounts
Equip them for farming korri
Run korri dungeon with all 4 cra
Do this the whole whole day until you get 100 souls
If you find yourself still standing after doing that
You're epic
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Hello dofus and the dofus community. If you want to become an osamodas and is kinda wondering if there are better classes than osamodas, then you're right, there are a lot of classes better than an osamodas. This video however is a compilation of all my fights against all the other class. All the fights in this video are fights from high rating kolossium fighters, some of which are ranked #1 among their classes and one fight in which is against the #1 ranked fighter in the kolossium 1 vs. 1 leaderboard. ...
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Hello dofus, I just thought of a feature that i wanna share since this thread is all about open discussion on ideas that might potentially add new things for the game.
Well, I just thought that what if there's a feature in dofus that allows players to challenge and bet against each other for an amount of kamas that players agree on
Say for example, we challenge a player then if the other player accepts the challenge, theres an option that allows both players to select/place an amount of kamas that...