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Member since 2009-10-10


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-06-18


Sacrier Lvl 168 Echo
Sadida Lvl 138 Echo
Foggernaut Lvl 89 Echo

Activity on the dofus Forum

By Galahaz - 2019-01-29 13:47:27 in Markets of Echo
2 258
hey bro, im getting back into Dofus again, im gonna be working on buying my sac a Set first, hit me up in game Onlysac. I would love to join you in some adventures im a level 146 sac so i cna level you a little and since im a returning player we can chill and figure stuff out together lmao
18 3413
This game has no real Suppourt. My acount got hacked i got an alternative password but i could not change my secret answer eventually the password stoped working
and i was unabble to regain the acount and i was a subscriber since 2005. Can you believe this? they ask me for a drivers license or ID i dont have 1 this is a stupid game and the creaters have absolutely nothing to give us the gms dont help or the creators We are forced to do this on our own they wouldnt even give me an alternate password...