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Currently I'm unable to purchase anything with Alitons from the Bontarian shop.

I'm alignment level ~53, I'm a member of the second order, I've got ~53 Alitons. And yet every single thing in the shop is highlighted in red and I am unable to buy it.

Any suggestions for how to get them?
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Not so much a spelling mistake as such, just outdated text:

There's quite a few of these in alignment quests where the top description bears no resemblance to what the quest actually entails.
By xzaosllama3 - 2016-07-11 22:37:53 in Suggestion Box
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Very simple little idea, but helps people who are trying to figure out what they want to sell on the market:

In any market, there should be an option to "View Market History", which will show you the last ~10 (Adjustable as wanted, probably not past 20 though) sales of the item; When they were, how big the stack was, how much they sold for.

Just a little thing to help people who can't decide what they want to turn their Kolotokens into to make the most kamas