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So, I'm getting this translation correct? The feca changes will take place due to how much an impact the class has on the game.
Line google translation is a bit weird.

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By xxsem - 2014-02-21 20:19:26 in Suggestion Box
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With all the new side kick's coming out. i would like to see a side kick which is a character you can use on your account.

So, for example, you have one acct with a level 120 Iop and level 110 Eni. You login to use your Iop, and equip a sidekick stone/pebble that allows you to use that lvl 110 Eni on your acct.

This would be awesome!!!! This sidekick can be sold in the emporium for orgrines making your business profit.

Maybe down the road being able to equip more than one sidekick as well using...
By xxsem - 2014-01-14 05:35:26 in Suggestion Box
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I was thinking maybe creating a spell option available to all classes allowing for defense stance or counter stance.
Basically, blocking an attack/reducing the amount of HP received.
and, for countering maybe allowing for the attack to be countered and one of your spells attacks the target instead.


Some type of option to use shield in PVM. putting your shield up in defense to block, counter, reflect or reduce the amount.