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I'm an old player that wishes to come back. I left right after the Feca patch in 2015 as I remember, and I didn't have a good idea about what to do.

So here I find my Feca full Agi with some trash set and I even find the pure agi Feca gameplay really limited.
So, searching a bit around I was concerned about what to choose (agi/int or agi/str), but as I want to enjoy all the pvm contents I decided to go for agi/int till endgame.

Looking for a set around my level (172), I found a discussion...
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Few days ago I decided to download again Dofus since I needed to switch to a GNU/Linux operating system and Dofus was one of the very few mmorpg avaible natively on Linux.

I'm actually using a Debian 9 Stretch 64bit operating system with XFCE desktop enviroment.
I spent last days trying to figure out how to install Adobe AIR, and today I finally did it without mistakes (I suppose).
First I installed all the needed dependencies from the 32bit repositories, then the installation was completing,...