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Hi,i just came back to the game and need some items.

need some pp gears/set for my 3 char

200 level sac int/cha,200 level cra int/agi , 200 level enu cha

im not looking for end game gears here i need good old pp set ups(batouta helmet,minotot cloak etc or even better items just got popular now),so i can start running my own way again..

i think 5m per char is ok up to what you are offering,

contact with me in game
By xxchexx - 2016-12-24 11:40:47 in Suggestion Box
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Well my hype is almost ended for coming back, dont get me wrong,i like this game but it is not playable.

The reasons are basically a dead population,pay to play,bots e.t.c. ( it was annoying to race with bots since its pay to play)

So for the population they made a steam deal right?

For my opinion if there's hole under beneath of the bucket it wont matter how much water we load.

There are tons of mmo games higher stage than dofus and it's free(some of them people support the game by buying ingame...
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Hi everyone,just came back to the game and hoping to catch you guys in short time but need some informations first,

I do like to know what kind of skill points should i use and the item choices of my crew,(pvm player)

Also how about the professions which one is way better to make kamas now? I do have all of the professions,

Thanks in advance!

1) Level 200 Sacrier =

2) Level 200 Cra =

3) Level 199 Panda =

4) Level 200 Iop =

5) Level 199 Masq =

6) Level 200 Enu =

7) Level 200 Eni =

8) Level...