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By xxReaperxxxxx - 2017-10-26 00:34:03 in Echo
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The guild Vertex is a group of old and new players ranging from people who have just gotten into the game to those of us who have been around for years and years. Vertex is level 108 with 100+ members, ranging from level 4 to level 200 so no matter what your level, you’re sure to fit in.

What is Vertex?
We like to think of our guild as one big family where you can go to have a really good time and just generally enjoy playing the game. As I mentioned earlier, we have a massive variety...
By xxReaperxxxxx - 2017-10-12 02:25:24 in General Discussion
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Hey everyone,
Just come back to the game after a few months break and I'm planning to do the Turq, Ice, and Ivory questline and thought it'd be a lot more enjoyable if I had people to do it with. I'm running Eca/Elio (both 200) so I can pull my weight in fights.

If you're interested, hmu in game. IGN: Vayinn

By xxReaperxxxxx - 2015-09-05 02:45:13 in Suggestion Box
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So I was helping my friend move a butt tonne of mats today, and by a butt tonne I mean like hundreds of thousands of pods, into one of our guild chests.
I found it incredibly tedious that I had to keep putting in the codes for the house and then the chest over and over again and I was thinking that perhaps a feature could be implemented that allowed house owners to authorise specific accounts (by inputting their nickname) to have access to the house and chest(s) without entering the code.