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So, I've recently wanted to start playing dofus again , after i quit for the past 4 years and a lot has changed. My main issue here is that I can't pay with paysafecard. Here's the deal
I'm from Greece, I bought a 10e paysafecard and whenever I try to use it either for ogrines or p2p ,I'm told that this market is not available for payment. Do you guys have any alternatives in which I could use my paysafecard to buy subscription ?
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Hello everyone , as you may have already guessed , I am an old player trying to make my way back to dofus, i've been playing this game before even dofus 2 came out, since dofus 1.25 if i remeber correctly Anyway , the problem is , that I had multiple accounts linked in my email and I can't seem to remember any of them exept than this one ( my main ). Does anyone know if there's a chance to recover an account just by using my email or something ? I'm pretty sure I'm going to be able to answer my...