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Block bots, whos selling kammas online,,, you cant ewen go to zaap withou 5msg about kamma sell+i ignorē Like 150of them būt nothing changes,,,, when they text you, iņ that moment you cant ewen see who else is texting you, friend or,,,, bulshit..... +should t allow play with 8acc.... Serwers 2month open, būt iņ halff game way... You failed
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Dungeon rushers shields aint good.. You should make it More interesi g..... +ewery maintrance you make should giwe something alsoo....... I mean no candys or cheap items.. Giwe something good..
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Werry bad.... if you test beta,than you nowe rhat you must bee max wanna solo beat atleast one off themm.... i try 100times,imposible... 5k gobbal with500dmg lol and not ewen talk about boss... sux again loke always... can beat them.only with group