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By xofaytox - 2011-01-21 02:36:12 in Spitting Bwork Tavern
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Albus Crux

Guild Masters Meeting

“Another one disappeared again.” Guild Mistress Kurast gazed down into the mug of ale cupped between her hands. She turned her head to look at the old woman beside her. “This time it was a guild under your jurisdiction, wasn’t it Goldmoon?”

Mistress Mercurs winkled face hid her sadness, but the sorrow in her eyes was clear. “Yes, it was the guild Theater Makai. I don’t understand how it could happen. The team I sent to investigate said the guild hall...
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Dear Mother, 

Guess what today is! Yup it’s my birthday. I’m sixteen and that means I’m finally old enough to join a guild. I’m going to try out for that guild Albus Crux; you know the one I’ve been telling you about. In a few days they are supposed to be having their annual entrance exams. They say it’s the best way to get noticed by the guild and be recruited. I’m so excited that I’m shaking. Sorry if some of my handwriting is hard to read. Anyways Guild Master Traydor is supposed...