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Bromen Sacrier Lvl 186 Rubilax
Zanuk Sram Lvl 185 Rubilax
Tanneo Eniripsa Lvl 183 Rubilax
Spitrewe Pandawa Lvl 36 Rubilax
Mechaleg Foggernaut Lvl 36 Rubilax

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So like the title says I'm trying to decide on an earth damage dealer. I'm currently in a 3 way tie between Eca, Fogger, Hopper. I've been told that Ouginks are good as well but I'm not sure which to pick. What are your guys thoughts. Also I don't need any kinda of support or movement just which one can dish out the highest dpt.
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like the title says I was wondering which is the better endgame tank panda or feca and why.
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Every time i sign i get !zap.error.timeout! and have to resign in. It works just fine when i start the launcher its just once i click Wakfu that it does that then have me re enter my sign in info. Its been like that for so long i don't remember when it started. Is it because of the authenticator which i make sure to unlock before trying to open wakfu from the launcher or is this intended.