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Bromen Cra Lvl 134 Nox
Zanuk Sram Lvl 124 Nox
Tanneo Eniripsa Lvl 118 Nox
Brokle Cra Lvl 10 Nox
Alphonese Xelor Lvl 3 Nox

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Just returned to the game a couple days ago after a 2 year break and am looking for a guild hopefully one that doesn't mind reexplaining how to play since so much has changed. I play on two accounts that have boosters so would like to get my alts in as well but I am fine if i can only get one character in. My main is a 132 cra. I also have a sram,sadida,feca,eca,ouginak.
By xenosaga2 - 2020-08-25 15:06:34 in Technical Issues
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I was able to play fine for most of yesterday then my game crashed after coming out of a fight with cap'n atcha. Ever since then my game gets stuck at connecting. It is only happening on the non steam launcher.