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Cra Lvl 200 Grandapan
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Cra Lvl 29 Dodge

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I am at step 4 (Alchemy for Dummies) of the Bonta alignment quest Whipping Boy.

I am supposed to steal the client register from the Alchemist workshop at Brakmar. I went there and there is actually a red register on the left table. The register is not clickable and I can't interact with it. I tried walking towards the table and clicking, but when I click on the register, it takes me to a tile around the table. I am stuck at this quest and can't advance.

Is this a bug?

Nevermind, I was clicking...
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It's been almost 3 weeks now that I am facing this problem. I have a shitload of Goultines that I can't use and it's really not fair. I can buy stuff from the shop but not the market.

I already opened a ticket about this, 2 weeks ago. They said they escalated it, but nothing specific about this issue, whether it's a bug or a feature removal, or app update, or whatever. What bugs me the most is that I looked everywhere on the forums and no official announcements has been made by Ankama.

Dear Ankama,...
By xelorus - 2018-12-10 04:30:37 in Need help?
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I can't figure out one of the steps of this quest. It says: "Get information about the worms from Iop" and points at [-13, -29]. When I get there I can't seem to update the quest after talking to God Iop.

Note: I have an unfinished quest called "Pouncing at Death". Is it a requirement?