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By xelors-rule-time - 2016-09-14 15:06:34 in Rushu
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Hi Everyone!
It is with great excitement that I announce a new initiative named Adopt A Newbie! This initiative will be run by the Rushu guild Parallel and is applicable to low levels (150 or below) whom can't seem to get very far in the game, but have an ambition to be so much more!
Generally, the guild only accepts levels 150+. However, this initiative will allow low levels the opportunity to be an exception. If you'd like to escape low-level content and move to something bigger, better and more...
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Hello! ^^
I'm actually posting this on behalf of a friend, who can't deactivate his Ankama Shield when he logs in.

When he tries to deactivate the shield, this message pops up:

Apparently this is a re-occurring problem and he can usually fix it by trying 10-15 times. However, that is not working on this occasion.
He installed an update on his computer (not Windows 10), and after he did so, his Ankama Shield was removed and this problem raised its head.

What he has tried so far to fix the problem: