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I deleted a pandawa way back in the day and i would like 2 get it back..
So i checked ankama support.. They said this action is unavailable....

Does any 1 know why its like this??
Or when it will be available agian?
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The first topic i had about this got closed and i didnt get any help what so ever! So please do not close this post!!!

Im back and i still havnt gotton my account!! I had a lvl 30 sadi! And i wanna reset his stats with the magical orb!

I forgot the pass and account name! I also forgot my nickname.. My chars name was Sock-Monkey on solar..

Listen! When i made some alt account like this 1 i sumtimes made up my real name.. I do not know if i did the same to this 1..

Is there any simple way where...