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Member since 2011-01-17
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Sadida Lvl Omega 105 Echo

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By xcharx - 2019-06-22 19:00:44 in Bug Reporting
30 868
I'm on the server Echo and have 7 characters. A day ago my friend was rolled back and no one else we knew was. But today, I logged into my accounts and found that they have been "partially" rolled back.

I noticed I still have the achievement points I earned yesterday, yet I sold a Green Piwin for 5.4mk and now both the original kamas from the sale and the Green Piwin are nowhere to be found. On my other characters, some of them no longer have completed a bounty quest that I completed TWO days ago...
11 1223
I want to be able to equip shields that don't give any stats with two handed weapons.

ex. guild shield, alliance shield, dark shield

I just want to look good