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I have been searching for hours now, can't find pyrite. I really need to do pandala quests but i can't because he is not there for me to continue the quest. Can you tell me where is he in the underground?
By xXkazemXx - 2018-09-27 06:20:39 in Cra
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Can some one tell me the gear i should get from level 1-100 or 1-200 would be good too. I'm still level 60 but it would be greedy to only ask for level 60 as other people might read this and want to know what gear depending on their levels. I also might come back to this post and check gears when i level up. Thank you.
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I had so many accounts created on my email. I even payed and subscribed on most of them. I liked to make many accounts to keep making different characters with different builds. Does anyone know why did they all disappear except for one account. Please i need help from a moderator.