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By xXTiamaTXx - 2017-05-31 22:09:31 in Cra
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Just wanted to thank you for introducing the 10% x2 per turn erosion spell for cras. Its what class was missing for pvp purposes all these years, and its what I have been fighting for to happen. Thank you very much for realizing and implementing this in game, finally.
Kind regards.
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Like title says i can't send my 15 242 500 kamas to echo, nor can I use them to create an offer for ogrines. Please help.

So uh, any news about fix for this?
By xXTiamaTXx - 2016-02-02 10:56:30 in General Discussion
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Anyone else has noticed that lovely purple egg on ecaflipus (2.33) update loading screen? What could it be? Any news on future dofus eggs/quests or revision on some of the old ones?