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Why you hate Xelor Siu?
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One of the things that I really miss is the role of giving Ap. In the previous version, the Xelor could consistently give Ap to allies. The main reason why I liked this is because the Xelor could be useful in all levels or stages of the game, maybe this was an exclusive feature that he had. This is something  that I really miss, I know that now the class has a damage role, much more stronger than before, whoever, I don't think that this is the only thing that should define this class, damage is...
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Hello fellas, the year is almost ending, and the devs maybe think that they will get peace finally, guess what? HO HO HO No, the Xelor revamp drama continues, and I'm here again to provide you with Free hate on  devs Cool ideas to improve the class. Hey Siu, fix the class or Nowel is going to put coal under your tree ¬¬

First I want to point that this Idea started in this thread:

So if you hadn't seen it, give it...
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Hello everyone, how are you guys doing? Hope everything is good at those hard time in the world...


° Ok, first I want to say that the things I will wrigt here are just concepts, but at the same time I believe that, through polishing, those ideas can get really good and can be easily implemented in the game, they are just ideas that I had while playing with the revamp during this year, and comparing his actual gameplay with what he used to be. That said, if you do like the way...