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[left]I get up to this screen, but whenever I click confirm my order I get redirected back to[/left]

EDIT: ok I just tried again today and it seems to work now.
By xXAnomi - 2013-05-11 03:22:12 in Fan Art and Videos
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So I drew my sacrier a while back, and decided to share it
Image is a bit big, sorry about that ^^"

Yes, I did slack off on the hair
By xXAnomi - 2013-03-23 02:40:35 in Sacrier
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I'm currently a 116 chance sacrier, using Ancestral set+ gelano+ axel and a Turquoise & Ivory mount.

I don't really like the anc. set too much since it takes up nearly all my slots and leaves less place for MP equipment. I'd much rather not get an Emerald mount [overpriced in my server], so does anyone have advice for a custom set I can build with 5 MP and if possible >9 AP?

Or should I just stick with the Anc. for a few more levels until more equipment is available?