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I've been thinking about this when my team is around 180-190+ i switch my sacrier to a cra. Right now i'm only using my sacrier as a damage dealer more then a tank and i used it mostly in the early stages to leech up my other characters. I don't see any use in this class what so ever. Trans/Co-op isn't possible anymore (This is the biggest turn off i have) i cant re-swap a character i just swapped, erosion hurts too much already as for being a tank well.. I have an Iop/Masq/Feca that can do the job...
By xX-Chuck-Bartovski-Xx - 2013-12-25 19:26:42 in Professions
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Hello I can't seem to craft Click here What am i doing wrong?

Close topic, resolved.
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Guild Shingeki No Kyojin is now recruiting members of level 120+ and over to defend the world of twelve from the titans!

Guild Creation : 1st November
Guild Level 19
Current members : 11
Current Average level : 146

*On the first of January the guild will be owning 2 houses and a paddock*

For an invite please post here or message me on my sacrier : Eren-Jager

If any member will need help in achievements/dungeons/xp or anything else just ask and we'll just help!

If any member lower then the...