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Hey everyone,
I have a quest wich says I have to make coarse strings, I know you can make it as a herbalist, 
can anyone tell me where I can find a machine/craft tool to make this item is Astrub or Amakna?
Thanks if you can help me! The quest name is Making the trappings
It's a lvl 35 quest in Astrub to get the dragoturkey mount..

Thanks again if you are able to help me out!

solution found: at the house of missy amulet there is a green potion thing if you use it to craft you see one of the craft...
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I know this question is already asked before, but i couldn't find any answer to this one. Do i have to do a special quest for this? Do i have to reach a high level like by example lvl 100 or something? Im lvl 21 right now, and as far as i know, i don't have to buy a dragoturkey token, right? I know i can buy a dragoturkey in the shop, but i saw videos from people that were fighting with it and i want to use a token, but i don't know where it is.

Someone please help me
Anyway, if I have a token,...