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By xLiktor - 2016-12-31 04:00:22 in Sram
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Hi there!

Im currently level 57, a soon-ish to be Str/Agi Sram, atm ~190 base Str, after 200 I'll be going for 200 Agi.
I'm kinda confused on what gear and skills to use, how to fight and so on, it kinda differs from when I played my now deleted Sram on Nehra.
I'd be really thankful for any help!  
By xLiktor - 2016-12-29 12:45:20 in Markets of Rushu
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I'm trying to buy some leeching, roughly 100m exp - I want to reach lvl 100 ASAP, but just started on Rushu, only got basic wisdom gear, no real battleset yet, so...
Feel free to PM me, we'll work out th payment and stuff.
Ingame on Rushu: Incredible-Wombat