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Park Hae-Jin Xelor Lvl 199 Remington

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By xKyungsoo - 2018-03-04 10:40:46 in Trade
0 308
Here's the stuff:
- Tropical Belt
- The Croc'Odaille
-  Egg Ring
- Tower emblem
- Shushu emblem lvl3 water
- Breath of Life runed 3
- Erreotype 
- Larzines
- Trisaph
- Blood-Drenched Axe x2
- Boclida x2
- Hektorch
- Necrotized Fabrics runed 3/3/3
I'm in need of kamas, so I want to sell it fast which means cheap ^^
WTB Trapper belt
Park Hae-Jin
4 708
I don't know if it's the right place or not.. who cares XD me and my friend decided to finally gather the mats for the archbosses, but as many of you may know.. it's a pain in the butt. Thats why we recruit ppl to join us in this exciting trip let's say we are halfway there already. So anyone who wants to join us or anyne who is selling some mats or those who are willing to get the mats for kamas, let me know XD Right now we mainly need Tropikoko Bark as it's the last mat for 1 of the archs we need...
By xKyungsoo - 2017-12-07 03:53:54 in Trade
2 384
I'm looking for someone who can upgrade my 180 ish moon gear + get the mats for the upgrades.
Also buying:
- long range sham
My IGN: Park Hae-Jin