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By xKryptox - 2015-12-05 17:57:12 in Sram
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Hey Guys, Im relatively new to Sram and have never leveled a class past 80 so I wouldn't say im very knowledgeable in the ways of Dofus yet.
but im following the Sram Strength build Wikia guide... (roughly) as some stuff is outdated.
And I have a couple of questions...

it basically says, slam all points into Strength... does that mean even past the 300 point?
Do I continue to slam all characteristics into Str until level 200? :/

Also, it says to max "Chakra Concentration" But as it doesn't do...
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Hey guys!
So I haven't played Dofus now in a looong long time, there seems to be alot of new stuff going on and islands I've never seen or heard of.
I'd really like to get back into it and start playing properly again.

I started an Osmandos today on Shika and he's almost 40 now but I haven't seen anyone! Maybe the odd person shooting past here and there but everywhere is dead!
I'm only f2p at the moment but I'm going to get p2p as soon as I know where I should settle!

So, my questions are;