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By xGrimx - 2009-10-08 00:51:08 in Suggestion Box
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I was sifting through the forums and had some questions, and I realized something - There is no general FAQ section for the Dofus Forums. There IS a help section, but that's entirely in French and was of no use to me.

So now I'm putting it on my wish list. How about it Ankama? pretty please =P
By xGrimx - 2009-10-08 00:47:53 in General Discussion
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I've been seeing a number of commonly asked questions scattered around the forums, but I have yet to find the answers. Perhaps if the search feature had more functions I'd be able to dig up an old post, but it seems to me, these are questions that should have readily available answers.

1. There are three colors of icons next to people's names. Some are white, some are blue, some are pink. Usually, players with low post counts have white and players with high post counts have purple, but that is...