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It seems Ankama doesn't like any public attention which is't praise. But I feel I deserve a right to complain after supporting your company for 9+ years (with money and as a player).

If you can take action against my Forum posts why can't you at very minimum give us, the many people of Echo a reason why you haven't taken action on other rules which have been broken and affected hundreds of people? Come on now you'll lose a lot more than 5 subs at this rate.
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It bothers me that we still don't have an API for Dofus... Atleast even for static items?

Please can we get something! We got bots doing all these crazy things, getting all these crazy stats and what have you for every other game... Come on men(and ladies) it's 2k17! Time to join the revolution...

But seriously...
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As you see with the screens provided. You can not scale the additional Spell Bars, and they don't align or snap to anything like all the other boxes... This gives it a really broken and poor appearance. (Bottom Pixel = Gap, Spell Boxes = Not the same Size as the main ones, Window = Not able to Snap or Align with anything).


As you can see on MAC you get the following Error.


Another thing to note is chat FONT is very hard to read..........

Top right Co-Ordinates look...