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Diego Das Osamodas Lvl 129 Efrim
Arrow Launcher Cra Lvl 86 Remington
Das-Zauberer Huppermage Lvl 61 Remington
Lutador Das Cinzas Sacrier Lvl 50 Efrim
Das-Zuerst Feca Lvl 45 Remington
Das-Aspirine Eniripsa Lvl 43 Efrim
Das-Falle Sram Lvl 30 Remington
Arqueiro Mascarado Masqueraider Lvl 10 Efrim
Jooj Com Cabeca Xelor Lvl 6 Efrim

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Sidd11|2015-03-23 19:59:50the final damage bonus you get from powerful shooting is determined by your range stat (as in the number you see on your stat screen). It does not matter how close or far you are from an enemy in an actual battle. Powerful shooting caps out at 20 percent final damage right now so having 7 range from stat bonus and gear will get you the max damage. However once the changes to powerful shooting come through there will no longer be a final damage cap on powerful shooting. That...
68 13357

If I level powerfull shooting what does exactaly happen to my final damage?

a) It increases my final damage based on the distance I am from the enemy at that moment.

b) It increases my final damage according to the range I have and if i use eagle eye it increases my final damage by 12% (4 range).

c) It increases my final damage according to the range I have but eagle eye doesn't make any difference to the final damage.


I was thinking about this.
68 13357
It would be nice, thanks