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By [Nerodos] - 2013-12-02 17:00:00 in General Discussion
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Seems ankama wants me to become cha :/
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Cute-Fire|2013-11-05 20:01:43QLIMAKS|2013-11-05 19:56:00u alredy making MILIONS OFF THIS GAME and u want more...TA HECK WITH YOUUU uhm no. The sub prices don´t change. They just increase the amount of ingame points, which can be used to buy items as well as buying sub.

PLEASE NOTE!!! This option wasn't in game for years. They just added it to be nice for players who didn't wanted to buy sub. with real money. Be happy there is some way to use ingame money!!! no, they are making money of it
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Cute-Fire|2013-11-05 17:15:31x00179|2013-11-05 17:05:051 week subscription costs with sms 3,00 in holland, thats way too much, and now they are making the ogrines subscription more expensive -.-
thx ankama, great choice! :/ its 5(? only buy years) euro's for a month with ideal etc. so why even use sms lolled hehe because i only pay when i need my kamas for a new set
and i have to pay €10,00 every 3 months to get 1000 free sms each month
i don't do anything with the €10,00 and thats why i used...