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Callber Eliotrope Lvl 16 Remington
Remka Xelor Lvl 10 Remington

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By wrawr4 - 2019-02-01 21:38:57 in General Discussions
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So i have been playing the game long enough to get to the sewer part and i did the weird pizza larva minigame thing but everytime even though i'm pretty sure i did everything right it doesn't give me exp or anything just some purple smoke comes up and when i go out of the kitchen the game says i have to do do it again, i looked up video's but they did the same excact thing as me the only thing i diddn't try was walking through the whole sewer section
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I have been playing wakfu now for a couple hours and I had a lot of fun I’m using an eliotrope for solo but I have a friend and I wonder Wich characters work good with eachother or just a character that works well with pretty much anything I thought of using a healer but I wonder what other people think