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Here is a copy of what my wife and I (two avid Dofus players) wrote to Ankama, through the support website. Needless to say, we are eternal fans of this game, but we are kind of tired of subscription problems, and we simply try to resolve it, once and for all...


I would like to pay for a year (or two years) for my four accounts, namely: the account where I play, the one where my REAL LIFE mother plays (yes, she is [old]), the account of my wife,...
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Back to Dofus. It all started back in 2005. About one month after Dofus came out of Beta...
By worldkit - 2013-06-26 16:05:11 in General Discussion
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Well, if you have a home (many do) you all know that buying it from "Brik'en Brok" at the Imps Village was way cheaper than from the Alchemist markets in Bonta or Brakmar... 100 k a piece...

Now that just a few selected guilds will own it (the region), you can kiss your Home Potions (at original prives) good bye unless you are part of the guild/s that own it...

Sure, you could always try to sneak in, unlike Feudala or Aerdala this should be doable, but my general feeling on how well this entire...