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By wootbeer - 2012-12-12 22:15:27 in Feca
2 872
At level 111 I have leveled
[Aqueous Armour Lvl.5]
[Paralysing Glyph Lvl.5]
[Wind Armour Lvl.5]
[Glyph of Repulsion Lvl.5]
[Glyph of Blindness Lvl.5]
[Teleportation Lvl.5]
[Backlash Lvl.5]
[Feca Shield Lvl.5]
[Earth Armour Lvl.5]
[Glowing Armour Lvl.5]

I most likely will unlearn Glyph of Blindness but should I level Blindness or Spell Rebound/Immunity.
Any other spells you would recommend?
By wootbeer - 2012-12-10 06:20:10 in Feca
7 2108
I'm currently leeching my soon to be Strength Feca to 143 to get the Moowolf Set.
After I reset my stats, and scroll both Strength and Wisdom, how should I allocate my characteristic points?

I was told to get Strength up to 150 and maybe the rest in Wisdom but I want to know what the forum thinks.
Also daggers or sword?