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By wilbeast - 2018-04-04 14:21:22 in Bug Reports
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Here is a template you can use for your bug reports:

Character name: Chronon
Date and time: 8:14 am
Map: Incarnam Dungeon - third room 7-5
Server: Brutas
Bug description: cant attack the mobs
Reproducibility process: Enter incarnam dungeon and fight the first mob then you will be teleported to the third room were the bug is.
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I have been playing for a week and every thing was ok till i hit lvl 50. I started to see that the mobs on my lvl were to strong for me and they had more hp, mp, ap than me they were like bosses. I got killed abunch of times but, still monsters with 20 lvl lower than me was giving me problems i had to rest in every single battle. But the worst thing is the xp... i spend like 8 min to kill 2 to 3 strong mobs that will give almost the same amount of xp than the low lvl mobs. Is getting really annoying ...