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Which of the mono account servers has the largest English speaking community?

I've spent a few days on three different servers and have yet to find a single guild that is English speaking. I'm really interested in playing a single account but its pointless if I can't find anyone to group with.
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If you are at your summon cap you can't use Replacement.

It must count you as adding a summon before subtracting one. So it thinks you're going over your summon cap, when actually your staying at the same amount.
By wheresmymind - 2017-02-28 20:48:27 in Problems and solutions
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I'm in the process of doing the Brakmarian alignment quests on a character of mine, and during quest #30, "The Challenge of the Warrior Master" I didn't pay attention and killed Oto's son Puja.

I've waited 48 hours but still do not get the option to verse Puja again (to let him win). If I try to talk to Oto's he'll just one shot me in battle. Is there something I am missing to continue this quest?

I put a ticket into support a few days ago but have not received any answer yet.

Did anyone else...