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Planch-Is-A-Noob|2020-07-08 18:36:22Idk lol. If people have a problem, just play on the 1.29 servers and leave the retro servers for us because obviously the retro servers were made to move forward... not stay in 1.29... maybe that's why it's on version 1.32 

Too bad all these changes are implemented on Eratz and Henual as wel.
I would really like for some people to check servers before claiming it is sepperate, because it is not.
"1.29" and "DOFUS RETRO" on the server tags means nothing, both...
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Please, Atleast make it optional this time.
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Please leave old dofus alone. We don't want any changes like we didn't want dofus 2.0. Remastered is some introduction to major changes? Once again: please leave 1.29 alone!

Exactly that.

And are there any plans for Dofus Retro to add 'recolor potions and 'Name change potions' to the game?