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Dieter Blette Enutrof Lvl 97 Remington
Jim Tonic Eniripsa Lvl 86 Remington
Runghold Feca Lvl 84 Remington
Helmut Von Sinnen Rogue Lvl 70 Remington
Genboruso Enutrof Lvl 56 Remington
Gundorph Ouginak Lvl 35 Remington

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Good evening!

I've just returned to this game, originated on Amara I've decided to better leave all my leveled chars and my stuff to start over again in the favour of a populated server.
The main concept to this game is known to me, but let's be honest: after two years of not playing this is a whole new game with the known graphics

So I would be glad to join a guild that can advise me in what is new to me and even help with some leveling. Regarding this I am enjoying the crafting side of the...