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By wafle - 2015-06-10 06:53:23 in Problems and solutions
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Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help me with this problem I have had for some time now. Ankama support doesn't seem to be helping so I thought I would ask others to see what they have done.

For some time I have been looking for a solution to my Dofus problem. I am not allowed to open more than one Dofus client at a time. It keeps telling me that the game did not shut down correctly every time I try to open another Dofus client. I have tried everything that I have seen others try and no luck....
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Hell I am wondering if Ankama has removed the credit card option American Express? I usually pay for my subscription with pre-paid credit cards (for safety reasons), but now I have noticed that the option is no longer available to me. Is it just me? or did they permanently delete it? Just wondering, so I can find a new method of paying for my membership. I cannot use Master Card or Visa gift cards because they are only for the US domain only. So American Express was really my only option. An answer...
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So today I have experienced many problems with Dofus. I uninstalled it and then it wouldn't let me install it; however, I got some help on that. Now the new problem is the launcher gets stuck at 100%. I left my house for 2 hours and came back and it was still at 100%. So then I tried launching Dofus directly from the folder and it does not work keeps telling me "Unabled to load file://data/i18n/i18n_fr.d2i" I googled it and found that other players had this problem too, but has been earlier this...