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Member since 2006-08-01


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Voyage Feca Lvl 56 Aerafal
Adin Masqueraider Lvl 16 Aerafal
Volsius Foggernaut Lvl 16 Aerafal
Jeivhar Sram Lvl 5 Dathura
Dreselys Ecaflip Lvl 4 Dathura
Terryk Rogue Lvl 2 Aerafal

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Although this message comes extremely late considering the release date of IoW and the date of this post, I can't refrain myself from saying: thank you.
I've been looking for the complete soundtrack forever and it was nowhere to be found... Plus the bonus contains one of the first songs ever released of the game, Clenched Fist, now in the outtakes and renamed Bin.
At last, I can buy this.
You know what? I'm happy.
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I agree. I am not sure that any port to Steam will be done as the Ankama Play team dissolved, but I'd be glad to finally play this game...