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That just the casters and/or bots, look at the player names: KMG-Millenium vs KMG-Millenium-II
19 9266
To any interested here are the gods played in the tournament:

Gods Pick Ban
Iop 23 16
Eniripsa 15 2
Sacrieur 6 0
Xélor 14 3
Crâ 14 2
Sram 20 7

As I mentioned earlier no one played as either Ecaflip or Sadida.
I really hope Ankama will use this tournament as reference point to make further updates
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100% were French, meaning a few people from Belgium and French Canada.
Also not a single match was played with either Ecaflip or Sadida, 98% of the matches was Iop, Cra, Sram and Xelor